Press Release

Mawarid , Oman takes centre stage at MENA Mining Congress 2010 in Dubai

Oman`s largest private mining company, Mawarid LLC, part of MB Holding group, held centre stage at the third annual MENA Mining Congress held in Dubai. This regional event served as an important networking point for mining companies, investors, government officials and financers from different countries within the mining fraternity. The congress held at the Shangri-La Hotel, Dubai, United Arab Emirates was an influential podium where Mawarid exhibited its capabilities and achievements.

Mawarid showcased its credentials with a double participation in this key event within the mining industry calendar. They built one of the most attractive stands within the exhibition area and two senior officials participated as speakers at the 3 day event.

One of the key speakers on day one of the MENA Mining Congress 2010 was Jan Jansen, Chief Executive Officer of Mawarid Company. He not only showcased the credentials and achievements of Mawarid but also highlighted its huge contribution towards Corporate Social Responsibility. He highlighted the importance of giving equal importance to Business performance and Corporate Social Responsibility and his company’s commitment to understand that they are part of the environment, life, culture and economy of the people across the regions they operate in.

Their second speaker, Dr Kylie Prendergast, General Manager of Exploration & Business Development made a presentation on day two, about exploration challenges, strategies and delivery. Dr. Prendergast shared her perceptions of strategies and challenges of breaking into emerging markets, overcoming unique project challenges facing MENA miners.

Mohammed Al Barwani Chairman MB Holding group said “With a track record of excellence spanning well over a decade, Mawarid has built a team of 500 professionals from 13 diverse nationalities and in the process an enviable reputation as the leading mining company from Oman. It gives me immense satisfaction to see this team now ready to offer services in exploration, development, mining & processing…that match the best internationally”.

Established in 1997 as National Mining Company, Mawarid was rebranded in early 2010 as Mawarid LLC – Mawarid in Arabic means resourceful. It is a subsidiary of MB Holding, and operates several copper mines and processes ore in its own facility. The company deploys the latest in-house technical expertise and employs the finest with a 97% record of all mining equipment operated by Omani nationals. It has projects in all stages of lifecycle: exploration, feasibility, development, mining and processing. MB Holding is a global group of companies with interests in petroleum drilling and services, exploration & processing, Mining etc. MB Holding employs more than 6500 employees in over 20 countries worldwide.