About Mawarid

Mawarid Mining LLC (Mawarid) is a wholly owned subsidiary of Mohammed Al Barwani LLC (MB LLC) based in the Sultanate of Oman. Mawarid is focused on the sustainable mineral exploration and development of mining projects domestically and internationally.

Mawarid has successfully initiated, led, and concluded a number of copper exploration, development, and operational projects in Oman. Additionally, Mawarid has made strategic acquisitions and investments with near term development projects. Mawarid is now active in the Sultanate of Oman, Namibia, Rwanda and Papua New Guinea.

Mawarid operates under environmental and occupational health policies & standards as well as regulatory and enforcement practices, which include monitoring, auditing, and reporting its standards. Mawarid is committed to ensuring the safety of its employees along with the environment in all of the operations.

MB Group over the last 30 years has developed into a diversified group of companies with interests including but not limited to oilfield & drilling services, exploration & production of oil & gas, oilfield and marine engineering & manufacturing, mining & mineral exploration, super yacht manufacturing, mechanical equipment agencies, hotels and resorts and a number of other strategic investments. The Group employs over 4,000 people with operations spanning across 4 continents.

More Information:

Milestones Year
Established 2000
First mineral exploration tenement granted 2000
Maiden resources announced 2004
Mining activities commenced 2006
First copper concentrate produced and sold 2007
Completed Hatta Production 2011
Completed Shinas Production 2011
Completed Safwa Production 2012
Largest shareholder at 28%in Nautilus Minerals Inc. 2013
Completed Mandoos Production 2014
Initiated Al Ghuzayn Environmental Studies 2016
Received Al Ghuzayn Mining License 2019
Completed Al Ghuzayn Mine Box Cut 2021
Completed the Ghuzayn Feasibility Study 2021
Commenced the development of the Ghuzayn Project 2022