Sultanate of Oman

Mawarid has been actively exploring for precious and base metals and mining copper in the Sultanate of Oman since the company’s incorporation in 2000. Mawarid has been successful in both exploration and mining and established a credentialed environmental history with active participation in local and national social projects.


Mawarid continued mining activities in the Sultanate of Oman and has successfully completed mining at Hatta, Shinas, Safwa, and Mandoos. To date approximately 6 million tons of ore have been mined by open cut mining methods and processed at the Lasail Concentrator..


Al Ghuzayn

The Al Ghuzayn project is the first copper mining project of its kind in Oman. The project is located in the Wilayat of Al Khaboura, and is considered one of Oman’s income diversification projects in line with Oman’s Vision 2040.

The Al Ghuzayn project adopts subsurface underground mining techniques to reduce above surface mining environmental impact and increase the accuracy of mining operations needed to assess mineral deposits. The ore exploration phase took place between 2007 and 2012. The portal excavation phase was initiated in 2020 after securing all necessary approvals.

Mawarid Mining has made environmental plans for Al Ghuzayn with the assistance of specialized companies, with the approval and supervision of the relevant government authorities.

Mawarid envisions the extraction of 6.4 million tonnes of Massive sulphide Ore at an average grade of 2.04% Copper over a period of 6.5 years , greatly accelerating Oman’s potential for mining-based economic diversification.

In 2021 Mawarid completed the Ghuzayn Project Feasibility Study led by SRK Australasia, which concluded the project is technically, environmentally and economically viable.

Copper Concentrate Plant

The plant is located at Lasail in the Sultanate of Oman and has the capacity to treat 110 t.p.h. of ore. The plant has successfully milled more than 6 million tonnes of copper ore to date, with plant availability averaging around 92%. The average feed grade of 2.44 % Cu resulted in the production of over 700,000 tons of copper concentrates with a metal content of more than 124,000 tons. Lasail Copper Concentrator reinforces the mining industry capabilities in Oman refining the ore produced in the exploration and production process.