Human Resources



All stakeholders shall benefit from our areas of operations Mawarid places special emphasis on local community involvement through its Community Development Management Plan. The plan ensures that community stakeholders surrounding our operations are identified and that mitigation plans are in place to address areas of concern.

Our Community Development Plan aims to maximise the benefits of Mawarids operations to the local community by providing opportunities for employment and establishing sustainable development projects that will endure beyond our immediate presence.

Some initiatives include:

  • Thirty-four social and sustainable community development projects have been successfully implemented in local communities associated with Mawarid activities in the Al-Batinah region.
  • All projects aim to improve the quality of life of local communities by addressing the needs of each community and providing opportunities for growth and prosperity.
  • Projects are based on sound socio-economic data and social assessment of the local community.

Health & Safety

We shall look after ourselves, people around us and the world we live in Mawarid places high importance on health and safety in the workplace and promotes a culture where employees look after themselves and their colleagues. A sound management system has been established to maintain a sustainable culture committed to Health, Safety and Environment.

Mawarid is committed to minimizing environmental and health impacts of all our operations and properly managing any impacts to ensure sustainability in the long term. We achieve this commitment by adherence to environmental and occupational health policies & standards, regulatory & enforcement practices, monitoring, auditing and reporting. We provide communities with assurance that the environment is being protected both during and after the lifetime of our operations.

  • At end of Q3 2014, LTI frequency rate is 0.02..
  • In 2013, Mawarids total recordable injuries reduction from 97 incidents in 2012 to 80 incidents in 2013(a reduction of approximately 16.5%).
  • Up to Q3of 2014 there were no recorded serious incidents and LTI.
  • Mawarid HSE wellness campaign was plotted for the whole calendar year of 2013 and was implemented as per plan.
  • In 2013, 36 sessions of health awareness courses were conducted in different sites discussing 12 health topics.
  • Till the end of Q3 of 2014, Mawarid managed to complete a full year without any spills.